From 1987 to 1990,  David Diez  participated in the planning, coordination, management and implementation of the European Space Agency (ESA) satellite communications project PROSAT/PRODAT, in which the Spanish DGAC, the British CAA and EUROCONTROL were involved.

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The PROSAT/PRODAT was mainly a pioneer experimental program on Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS) and Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC), using INMARSAT satellites.

During the trials the Spanish DGAC succeeded in being first in controlling a flight via satellite data link.

Click below to see some magazine articles  giving details on this subject:


ICAO Bulletin  FEBRUARY 1989

PRODAT/PROSAT data links successful in controlling jet flight

Boletín OACI FEBRERO 1989

Los enlaces de datos PRODAT/PROSAT logran controlar el vuelo de un reactor

Bulletin OACI FEVRIER 1989

Premier vol controlé via une liaison de données par satellite PRODAT/PROSAT



La Vigilancia Dependiente Automática (ADS)


ATC Magazine Nº 6   OCTOBER / DECEMBER 1995

El servicio móvil aeronáutico por satélite SMAS (II)


 During his assignmemt to the project, D. Diez attended periodical meetings of the PROSAT/PRODAT ATC EXPERIMENTERS GROUP and the PRODAT/PROSAT STEERING GROUP.

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The official position of D.Diez during his participation in the PROSAT/PRODAT project was:  Systems Analyst at the “Advanced Projects Service” of the “Air Navigation Systems Definition and Planning Area” of the Spanish DGAC

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